What Rug Restoration Can Do For Your Rugs

Everybody knows that rugs and carpets are appealing fixtures, but they provide a lot of utility as well. A rug is not just nice to look at, as it can cover up floor blemishes and scratches. Rugs can also be hung on walls to serve as decorations, and the feel of a rug is definitely unique.
But over time, a rug will lose all these appealing qualities, and eventually it won’t resemble the rug you purchased. When this happens, it's not like you have to throw the rug out in the trash. All you need to do is get rug restoration work from our team. For years, our rug cleaners in CT have been delivering exceptional rug cleaning services, but these days we are also preferred because we do rug restoration work.
Whether you need rug recoloring, rug binding, rug reweaving, or rug fringing, we’ll be there for you. We also deliver other rug restoration services.


How Rug Recoloring Can Help A Rug

Our team will be there for you when you need rug recoloring. This is a rug restoration service that we have been delivering for a long time. Our experts are detailed and meticulous, so you'll never have to worry about them damaging your rug. There will never be an instance where rug dye runs or your rug’s pattern is messed up. When you get your rugs back from us, they will be compliment-worthy again. They will have vibrancy and they will boast the color scheme that was once present.

When Rug Reweaving Is Absolutely Necessary

We can deliver rug/carpet reweaving for an affordable price. When a rug begins to unravel, this is a serious situation, and it must be addressed immediately. The longer a rug is left to unravel, the harder it'll be to get the rug back into an acceptable condition. We usually perform reweaving once or twice a year, and reweaving is often needed by those who own hand-woven rugs. Reweaving can also help you if your rug has been damaged by moths.

Get Reliable Rug Binding From Our Team

Choose our service when you need effective rug binding. We’ll bind your rug using either binding tape or a special sewing machine. We will always pursue the binding method that is best for your rug. Even if your rug is delicate, it can be bound. When you get a bound rug back from us, it'll be visually appealing and sturdy as well. Once you get binding, it's quite likely you won't need this service ever again. This is how reliable one-time binding from our team is.

We’ll Be There When You Need Rug Fringing

If your rug’s fringe is starting to break down, you should call our experts. We can provide a useful fringing service, and when we're done with this your rug will be secure. The rug’s fringe is its most important component, so when this starts to degrade, you'll want to get a grip on the situation immediately.